A Reliable Crest Penetration Testing Methodology

Everything You Need To Know VAPT Testing

The crest penetration testing methodology investigates the safety of computer systems connected to the outside by a communication network and attempts to invade or attack using an already known technique.

Specialized engineers carry out cyberattacks on systems that are actually operating or planned to carry out cyberattacks using various methods to investigate the likelihood of an attack and the extent and extent of the possible damage and impact. The results are reported together in the form of reports, etc.

Factors Behind Vulnerabilities 

Although it depends on the type, configuration, operation style, etc. of the target system, with crest penetration testing methodology, we will investigate whether it is possible to take over, stop services, obtain private information, etc. by using external access by utilizing software security weaknesses (vulnerabilities) and poor settings.

There are also cases where it is possible to investigate how much it can withstand DoS attacks (denial of service attacks) that use up processing performance and communication capacity due to large amounts of connection requests, and whether other computers and external networks can be attacked by stepping on them when they are invaded.

Some computer security companies offer a service that conducts penetration tests by specialized engineers. Tools that can automatically test and diagnose specific types of equipment and software have been published, which may be used by the internal departments in charge.

Since attack methods and vulnerabilities may be discovered in new ways, and safety may change depending on the state and configuration of the system, the addition, and replacement of elements, it is desirable to re-accept them periodically or when the situation changes even if they are diagnosed as safe in a single test.

Measures To Investigate :

Security professionals who know everything about cyber-attacks carry out pseudo-attacks on all intrusion routes such as external public servers operated by companies and discover weaknesses in the system with the human eye. If the attack is successful, investigate how far the company can penetrate and what kind of information can be taken out. It will report on the diagnosis of the effectiveness of current measures and the estimated damage range. You can check the resistance of the entire system to real cyber-attacks.

Confirmation based on threat scenarios that make the most of the penetration test 

Although the risk of intrusion is investigated even in a normal security diagnosis, this service is an actual attack method such as “whether the configuration can prevent the spread of damage even if the front end server is compromised”. Based on the threat scenario assuming damage and damage, check the attack resistance and the impact of the damage.

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