Outstanding VPN for 100% Secure Internet Browsing

Google Chrome is one of the most impressive browsers out there today and you can even browse the internet in complete secrecy by using WeVPN. This VPN is designed to give you utmost privacy when you browse the internet using Google chrome. It enables you to browse the internet without ever exposing your privacy to any third party. The VPN is designed to channel your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel that cannot be seen by anyone. Thanks to the VPN, internet service providers, government agencies and even hackers will never be able to access your personal data when you use this VPN to access the internet. It may be labeled a unblock websites, but you can also use it on virtually all other internet browsers.

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Easy setup

WeVPN is very easy to setup, making it a truly outstanding VPN.  Even if this is the first time you will be accessing it, the entire setup process will not take more than just few minutes of your precious time.  It is rare to encounter any problem while setting it up, but the customer care agents are ever ready to assist you if you ever face any challenge in the process. You can start using the Chrome VPN immediately after completing the setup. The program or app will also not require much space from your device. Check below for the simple setup process:

  • Visit the order page to subscribe to WeVPN. This will not take much time at all
  • After that, download the app or program from the Chrome Web Store and install the extension.
  • After that, you can connect and start browsing the internet in complete privacy.

To connect the browser, follow the steps below:

  • Open the downloaded app
  • Select the country you prefer to connect through
  • Click on the white tab at the top of the page to connect
  • The VPN will then connect instantly and you can start browsing the internet without exposing your identity to anyone.
  • You can disconnect with ease when you feel like it.

Highly secure browsing experience

WeVPN offers one of the most secure browsing experiences money can buy. It offers a completely secure HTTPS proxy that will keep you protected throughout the period you are connected to the internet. The VPN will completely protect your browsing activities from the prying eyes of the government of the ISP.

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